Friday, May 1, 2009

Last Month

This is officially my last month of pregnancy! I'm anxious for it to be over and sad at the same time. I have always enjoyed being pregnant and although toward the end I am ready for it to be over I know I'm going to miss it. More than likely this will be the last pregnancy for us. Although I said this with Micah...I really can't imagine having four kids!

I'm so anxious to kiss her little feet but sad that I won't be feeling her kick inside me. I'm anxious for Hannah and Micah to meet their little sister but sad to see how much they have grown. I'm anxious to hold a newborn baby again but sad because they don't stay little long enough. I'm anxious to see her wear all those adorable clothes hanging in her closet but sad because I know she will outgrow them so fast. I'm anxious to meet this new little one but sad to have this phase of my life over. I'm trying to enjoy every last minute because in a few short weeks....I won't have her all to myself anymore!