Friday, January 30, 2009

Baby's room

Philip and I bought the crib last week! I couldn't wait to put it together....I'm so impatient. Plus I had to see what the bedding would look like! Hannah and Micah are great helpers so it went pretty well. Lisa and Jeannie came over later to help with the changing table. There are still some finishing touches that the room needs but I've still got plenty of time for that!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Hannah, Micah and my mom all felt the baby move on Sunday! She was really squirming around in there so they didn't have to wait long to feel her. Micah said it felt like when the XBox controller shakes. I thought that was a funny analogy. He's so cute! Philip felt her move at 18 weeks but up until now he had been the only one...except me.

We bought the crib for her on Friday. It wasn't in stock so we have to wait a few weeks for it but that's fine because I'm still working on cleaning up her room. It was such a mess...especially the closet. It feels good to be cleaning out stuff. It needed to to be done anyway. Now that some of her things are hanging in the closet and it's starting to feel like her room. I can't wait to get her crib set up.

Monday, January 12, 2009

God anwsers prayers!

Sandra and I had a long awaited girls night out last night and she brought up something that I hadn't thought about in a long time. Here's a post from my old blog that will better explain....

Saturday, October 15, 2005

I'm ready for a change, an adventure, something different. Don't ask me why, it's not like we haven't had enough change this last year. This is odd for the girl that never liked change. I like comfort, stability, routine. I was telling Philip today that I either want to have another baby, get a dog or go back to work. Of course he voted for the job. We have no maternity coverage so a baby would be very very expensive. We can't seem to agree on a dog. I want a small to medium size dog, he wants a lab or retriever. So I guess a job is the only thing we can agree on. Still a lot to consider and pray about. My family always comes first and since I don't "have" to work, I wonder if I should. I want something that would be flexible, not full time. We'll see what God has in store.

I remember writing that post but I had no idea at the time that I would end up with all three! By November 2006 I had the job. By July 2007 we had the puppy. And finally by September 2008 I was pregnant! OK so no more asking God for big changes in my life....who knows what else would happen! Thanks Sandra for pointing out the funny way God answers our prayers!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Well I am now 20 weeks and officially halfway through this pregnancy. I'm feeling much better as far a nausea and appetite are concerned but now I'm starting to get uncomfortable. I'm eating like crazy...I feel hungry constantly. But I've still only gained 7 pounds! I officially can not sleep unless I have a pillow between my legs and under my belly. My belly is just starting to get in the way at work. Fitting between the seats and squeezing around people is challenging. Also our jumpseats reek havoc on my back...they are so uncomfortable. I find myself standing most of the time and then of course my feet hurt. Only 14 more weeks of work....hopefully I can make it that long with out having to do light duty.

Speaking of work I'm on reserve this month which is a big bummer. Going from 19 days off to 10 is an adjustment. This week was my first block of five days in a row. I sat at the airport for the first day. The second day I got a 3 day trip and yesterday the sent me home and I have home reserve today. I don't think they will call since it's my last day....keeping my fingers crossed. So far it hasn't been bad. I've only worked three days unless you count the first day when I spent all day sitting at the airport playing on facebook and watching House...hehe. This should be the only month on reserve because it looks like I'll go back to a regular line next month! God has really taken care of me through all of this. It was really stressful for me to not have control of my schedule again...especially being pregnant. But so far so good. I've tried to keep a positive attitude about it and Philip has been really encouraging and supportive as usual.

We are still debating on a name but it looks like Sarah Elizabeth may have won out. I can't seem to find any other biblical names ending in "ah" that I like. Really I haven't found any other names that don't end in "ah" that I like either. I saw a friend of mine at the airport the other name and she mentioned that she had a cousin named Sarah Elizabeth and for short they called her Sarabeth. I really fell in love with's so cute. So unless something else comes along that we like better Sarah is it!