Sunday, March 29, 2009

31 Week Ultrasound

Saturday we got to see baby Sarah one more time before she is here. The 4D ultrasound is so detailed. We saw her frown, smile, stick out her bottom lip, and open her eyes! Seeing her open her eyes was a little freaky but still really neat. It's so amazing to see her eyelashes, eyebrows, toenails, and even a little bit of peach fuzz on her head. I can't tell if she looks like Hannah or Micah but she was sticking out her bottom lip which Hannah used to do all the time. The ultrasound tech said she's weighs about 4lbs 6oz which seems a little big to me but she said it was about average. I just don't want her to be 9lbs!

Profile of her pretty little face. You can even see her eyelashes and eyebrows.

You can see the toenail on her big toe in this picture.....

Here she is looking at us

Here she is smiling

In this one you can see the tips of her fingers

Here she is with her knee bent and her hand over it.

Me at 31 weeks! Sometimes I still don't feel very big but then I see a picture! I still can't believe I have 8 more weeks to go. Maybe it will be less....a week or so early would be nice. I'm feeling pretty good other than the normal third trimester complaints. I have heartburn all the time! Even drinking water seems to give me heartburn especially if I try to lay down after drinking it. I'm still working...which is another story for another time. I only have two more short trips left and them I'm done until December! I can't wait...I am so ready to be home.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Third trimester....the final strech!

The third and final trimester! I can't believe it. It seems like the first few weeks go by so slow and now I can't even keep track of what week I'm in. Good thing for the ticker on my blog! I'm really trying to enjoy these last weeks while I have her all to myself. Soon enough it will be sleepless nights and trying to pry her away from Hannah. I'll be lucky if I get to hold my own baby! Here are the pictures from my ultrasound at 27 weeks. As you can tell from the second picture she is still a girl. I can't believe how good the 4D picture is. You can really tell what she looks like! In the post below I put up the video that Lisa took at the ultrasound.

New belly pictures. The first one is me at 27 weeks and the last three are 28 weeks.

Baby Sarah

Sunday, March 8, 2009

What a difference a week makes!

What a difference a week makes! This is what it looked like last Sunday........

Today it's a beautiful sunny 75 degrees. The weather here can be pretty crazy sometimes. Of course I had to work in that crazy weather. The Atlanta airport or AirTran for that matter is not prepared to handle this type of weather. So needless to say there were about 150 cancleations with just our airline and pretty much outright chaos. Regardless Hannah and Micah loved it. School was closed on Monday so they got a day off. The snow even stuck around for several days...the last of it just melted two days ago.