Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Hannah, Micah and my mom all felt the baby move on Sunday! She was really squirming around in there so they didn't have to wait long to feel her. Micah said it felt like when the XBox controller shakes. I thought that was a funny analogy. He's so cute! Philip felt her move at 18 weeks but up until now he had been the only one...except me.

We bought the crib for her on Friday. It wasn't in stock so we have to wait a few weeks for it but that's fine because I'm still working on cleaning up her room. It was such a mess...especially the closet. It feels good to be cleaning out stuff. It needed to to be done anyway. Now that some of her things are hanging in the closet and it's starting to feel like her room. I can't wait to get her crib set up.