Monday, March 9, 2009

Third trimester....the final strech!

The third and final trimester! I can't believe it. It seems like the first few weeks go by so slow and now I can't even keep track of what week I'm in. Good thing for the ticker on my blog! I'm really trying to enjoy these last weeks while I have her all to myself. Soon enough it will be sleepless nights and trying to pry her away from Hannah. I'll be lucky if I get to hold my own baby! Here are the pictures from my ultrasound at 27 weeks. As you can tell from the second picture she is still a girl. I can't believe how good the 4D picture is. You can really tell what she looks like! In the post below I put up the video that Lisa took at the ultrasound.

New belly pictures. The first one is me at 27 weeks and the last three are 28 weeks.


Brad Williams said...

Great pics. I especially love the first one of you at 28 weeks. And at least you're guaranteed to hold her every three hours!!! --Sandra