Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Baby Kicks

Well I didn't have to wait long for those little flutters. One day after my last post I felt them. It was so exciting I almost started crying. This is the best part of pregnancy. I'm going to try to enjoy every minute of it. Since Sunday I've only felt the baby a few more's so early I have to be sitting absolutely still to feel it. I can't wait for Hannah to be able to feel, she's so excited.

Also I made the appointment for the 3D ultrasound. We will know what this little one is on December 27th! Hopefully he/she cooperates. I can't wait to see him/her. The last ultrasound was at 8 weeks and you couldn't see anything. I'll be 18 weeks at the appointment so it will be perfect. I think I convinced Philip to let me have two of the 3D ultrasounds so I'll go back for another one around 30 weeks so we can get some better profile shots. I can't wait!