Monday, December 29, 2008

It's a GIRL!

I still can't believe it but we're going to have another baby girl! I've thought it was a boy since the beginning. Although the last few weeks every dream or other random thought I had the baby was a girl. I guess the Chinese calender was right with this one! The ultrasound was so much fun. I loved seeing her moving around. The 3D/4D was amazing although some of the pictures seem pretty blurry. Maybe because she was moving around so much. We have so many pictures though it was easy to find a few good ones. We even got a disk with all the pictures and a DVD! I've already watched the DVD three times! I can't wait to go back again at 30 weeks. Now it's time to start picking out all the fun baby stuff. We already bought her some clothes!

Hannah waiting to find out. Boy or Girl?

Micah watched patiently for a few minutes.

Profile in 2D

Hand covering her face.

Two perfect little feet.

Hand covering her face again. Maybe she's shy!